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Bree Hough

Bree Hough, MA, LPC
My Approach

My name is Bree Hough (she/her) and I opened Mindful Path Counseling with the intention of providing a connected experience for my clients and to provide support in accepting themselves without judgment and recognizing their potential for healthy change. The dialectic of acceptance and change can be difficult and powerful. I integrate mindfulness of the present moment, acceptance of thought and emotion, support in identifying your values, and encourage commitment to trusting the process.

I am Health At Every Size (HAES®) aligned and body-neutral in my approach, integrating community and connection. I strive to treat the whole person—body, mind, soul, and spirit and am DBT and EMDR trained. Let me help you learn to be accepting of who you are.

I have a Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Colorado Christian University, a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from Regis University, and have been practicing since 2012. I have training in eating disorders, dialectical behavior therapy, am EMDR trained, and am also a qualified supervisor in the State of Colorado.


When I’m not working with clients or meeting with other professionals, I’m working in the garden, hanging out at the lake, or spending time with one of my three adult children, my husband, or my mother.  I am a cat lady who also loves senior dogs, love to play tennis even though I’m bad at it, and buy more books than I have time to read.

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